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Specialist Car Valuations for Divorce

One challenge faced by divorcing couples is how to agree the valuation of assets accumulated over the course of their marriage. Having been through a divorce, I understand the issues involved and can sympathise with couples going through this. A lot of my work involves divorce valuations for vehicles including classic cars, motorcycles, motorhomes, racing cars or similar.

Divorce Valuation Options

There are several options for providing car valuations in divorce cases.

Option 1: Online/desktop valuations are typically used when the parties are amicable. You send details and photos and I create a market valuation report based on what you have sent. There is no physical inspection of the cars or motorcycles.

Option 2: In-person valuation involves a physical inspection to get a true idea of condition. The cost and final report is the same as option 1, but with additional time for on-site inspection, and travel time plus mileage. In-person reports tend to be a little more detailed.

Option 3: When the parties are not in agreement, a Single Joint Expert may be ordered by the court. One party submits a panel of three experts and the other party must choose one to carry out the valuations. The valuer works for on behalf of the court and this is important, as the rules for contact are strict. The valuer must sign a statement of truth.

If things are amicable between the parties and vehicle condition is good, then option 1 or 2 is normally fine. If vehicle condition is not 100% up and running then option 2 is best. Option 3 is usually what happens when the parties do not agree.

Single Joint Expert Divorce Valuations

I provide many divorce valuations – including cars and motorcycles – as a single joint expert.

The process of being appointed as a single joint expert begins with contact by one of the parties or by their solicitor. They give brief details of the valuations required and I supply an estimate, a timeframe, details of my experience and confirm there is no conflict of interest. Those details are then shared in court as part of the panel of three, an expert is selected and one solicitor writes up and sends the legal instructions.

Once instructed, I establish contact with whoever has the vehicles and make an appointment to inspect. After that is done, I research and write up my valuation report and submit it to both sides. There follows a period where either side may ask questions for clarification.

The court gives specific directions to single joint experts. The expert must always communicate with both sides simultaneously and keep everyone in the loop. Any conversations with one side must be noted or recorded and shared with the other side. The expert’s duty is always to the court.

If keeping costs under control while getting independent, honest and fair valuations is the aim (as it should be), single joint expert is an effective method. The process is transparent, the detailed report answers as many questions as I can think of and the cost is shared 50/50. I return valuations quickly and you can move on with your case and your life.

About Specialist Car Valuations for Divorce

Every divorce is different, but ultimately I am working for both sides to help them settle their affairs and move on with their lives. I understand the dynamics and work to keep stress to a minimum. Things may initially feel uncertain, but I try to contribute as much certainty as possible through efficient professionalism and detailed reporting.

I have completed many single joint expert reports and desktop divorce valuations and am always available to discuss things ahead of instruction. It is not uncommon to hear from one side and then the other before any instructions are received! Contact me to discuss your needs or any questions.







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