specialist car valuations for Divorce

Specialist Vehicle Divorce Valuations

Valuations – all vehicles including Cherished Registration Plates

Car, Motorcycle and Motorhome Valuations for Divorce

A common challenge faced in divorce financial settlement discussions is agreeing the value of assets including cars, bikes and motorhomes accumulated over the marriage. A high percentage of my work involves divorce valuations for vehicles including classic cars, motorcycles, motorhomes, racing cars, agricultural vehicles including tractors, trucks, cherished registration plates and much more. Having been through my own divorce (involving 16 vehicles), I have personal experience of the issues faced by divorcing couples, especially when trust and communication are no more.


Single Joint Expert Divorce Valuations

Much of my workload involves providing divorce valuations for cars, motorcycles, motorhomes as a Single Joint Expert.

The law is clear on the role and expectations of Single Joint Experts. Experts must always communicate with both sides simultaneously and keep everyone in the loop. Any conversations with one side must be noted or recorded and shared with the other side. The expert’s duty is always to the Court and not to either party.

Single Joint Expert is an effective way for parties to keep costs under control while benefitting from independent, honest valuations. The process is transparent, the detailed report covers all issues and the costs are shared 50/50.


About Specialist Car Valuations for Divorce

The expert’s role in divorce valuations is to assist the Court in helping the parties move on with their lives. I understand the dynamics and work to keep stress to a minimum. As confidence in a valuer’s independence is key, I contribute trust through efficient professionalism, a reputation for integrity and highly detailed reporting.

I have completed many Single Joint Expert reports for use in divorce cases and have also worked as a single party expert. I am experienced in complex cases including complex High Net Worth matters and psychologically difficult situations. I am always available to discuss things ahead of instruction. Contact me with any questions.

Mr John Glynn


What you should always consider when choosing a vehicle valuer in divorce

Things to consider when commissioning a vehicle valuer in divorce

We bring empathy and expertise to all of our valuation reports.  When choosing a valuer and commissioning vehicle valuation reports for high-value and cherished cars in divorce proceedings, here are some things to consider.

Accuracy and Fairness: The valuation should be accurate and reflect the true market value of the vehicles. There should be no concerns about potential biases or inaccuracies in the report, which could affect the division of assets.

Expertise of the Valuer: Both parties should be be concerned about the expertise and reputation of the valuer. Select professionals who are recognised for their credibility and experience in valuing high-value and cherished cars to ensure the report is reliable.

Transparent Process: The report should clearly show how the valuer arrived at their conclusion. Valuers should share clear and transparent explanations of the methodologies used, the factors considered, and how the final value is determined.

Avoid Potential for Disputes: The valuation report should be comprehensive and avoid becoming a point of contention in divorce proceedings. Defensible and well-documented valuation reports minimise conflict.

Emotional Attachment: High-value and cherished cars often carry significant emotional value. While this may not not influence market value, interesting provenance that underpins some of the attachment could well have an impact on marketability. An experienced valuer will ensure that the valuation report adequately reflects both the financial and sentimental worth of the vehicle.

Impact on Settlement: The valuation of a high-value car can substantially impact the overall settlement. Valuers might note how a car’s value might affect the division of other assets and financial security post-divorce and work to avoid any bias here.

Confidentiality and Privacy: Valuers should ensure that the valuation process respects people’s privacy and maintains confidentiality, particularly regarding a client’s financial situation and personal assets.

Accessibility and Support: Some clients may prefer valuers who provide accessible and supportive services, offering clear communication and assistance throughout the process to ensure that the parties fully understand the report.

Reputable, experienced valuers address these concerns, ensuring transparency and fairness in the valuation process, and considering both the financial and emotional aspects of the high-value and cherished cars or vehicles.

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