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One challenge many couples face in divorce or relationship breakdown is agreeing the division of assets they have accumulated over the course of their partnership. Having been through my own Long-term relationship breakups, I understand the issues involved and have complete sympathy with those going through this. A lot of my time is spent working with couples who are working through a break up and who need help valuing some sort of vehicle, whether it be cars, motorcycles, motorhomes, racing cars or the like.

The best way to handle divorce valuations – car or motorcycle valuations in divorce cases – is for both sides to agree on the use of a single joint expert. Instructed by both sides simultaneously, the expert works for the court and the parties agree to go with the expert’s valuations.

The process of appointing me as a single joint expert is pretty straightforward. The initial contact is either made by one of the parties or by their solicitor. They give brief details of the valuations required by the court and I supply an estimate, a potential timeframe, give details of my experience and confirm there is no conflict of interest. Those details are then shared with the other side and with the court, the parties agree to instruct me as an expert and share the cost 50/50 and then one of the solicitors writes to me with instructions to proceed, giving full details of the case.

I then establish contact with whoever has the vehicles and make an appointment to inspect. Once that is done, I complete any additional research required, write up my valuation report and submit it to both sides. There is a period afterwards where either side may ask questions to clarify what has been said. The party asking questions is liable for the cost of answering those questions.

The court gives specific directions to single joint experts. The expert must always communicate with both sides simultaneously and keep everyone in the loop. Any conversations with one side must be noted or recorded and shared with the other side. The expert’s duty is always to the court.

If keeping costs under control while getting independent, honest and fair valuations is the aim (and it should be), then a single joint expert is an effective method. The process is transparent, the detailed report answers as many questions as I can think of and the cost is shared 50/50. I return valuations quickly and you can move on with your case and your life.

Cost of creating a divorce valuation report 2021

Cost-wise, I charge £80 per hour of valuation time – so inspection and report writing – and £40 per hour of travel, plus 40p a mile. Typically, creating a single joint expert report on a single car takes four hours at most, depending on research involved. If I need to inspect the car (the judge may order it or not – depends on the situation between the parties) then there is a bit of travel on top.

If the split is amicable and there is no court involved, with the parties working out their split between themselves before submitting the financial agreement to the court for approval as a consent order, then we could probably have a reduced report: this is more like a desktop valuation, with the work done from photos and details received.

Every divorce is different, but ultimately I am working for both sides to help them settle their affairs, heal from the breakup and move on with their lives. That aspect is what I enjoy most about this work, along with just enjoying the valuation process. I understand the dynamics in these situations and work to keep stress to a minimum. The process can be quite uncertain at the start, but I try to bring as much certainty to things as possible by way of data for the benefit of both sides.

I have completed many of these reports over the course of my career, so I am always ready to discuss things ahead of instruction. It is not unknown to hear from one side and then the other before any instruction is received! Contact me to discuss your needs or any questions.

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