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Online Valuations: Classic Cars or Modified Cars

Specialist Car Valuations has provided bespoke valuations for classic and modified cars for over twenty years. This gives us extensive experience in the field. We are happy to provide online classic or modified car valuation services for owners to use in agreed insurance policies and also for customs use, whether a HMRC NOVA valuation or a valuation for overseas customs. We provide detailed valuations that are suitable for use worldwide. We can also value modern cars if required (eg: for those relocating overseas).

Bespoke classic and modified Car Valuations – all vehicles

Order an online classic or modified car valuation

To order your bespoke valuation, simply use the form below or drop me an email with the details of your vehicle and some photographs.  You may also send files, images or links to history using Dropbox links, WeTransfer, Onedrive or links to other online file services.

Bespoke classic car or modified car valuations for insurance, customs or probate use cost £50 each. I return completed valuations within three working days of receipt of payment and all required details.


ONline Classic, Modified or Specialist Car Valuations

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"Hi John, thank you for your highly detailed report. The time invested is obvious and appreciated. I have filed the report with the court today and will keep your details for future cases."


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"Dear John, thank you for your swift response and detailed report at short notice. Your assistance today ahead of court tomorrow is much appreciated by all."


Solicitor in Warwick – Single Joint Expert in Divorce Case

"Hi John, thank you for your assistance, I will certainly keep you in mind for any future work. We were very impressed by your report. I appreciate the work that has gone into it!"


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