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Disputing Section 16 Statements of Information – Proceeds of Crime Reports

Disputing Section 16 Statement Valuations

To the best of my knowledge and experience, there is no standard process for calculating the figures used in Section 16 Statements of Information in Proceeds of Crime by Police Regional Organised Crime Units, Economic Crime Teams and Regional Assset Recovery Teams, by the Crown Prosecution Service or by agencies including the Environment Agency.

Having been commissioned by many defence teams to provide valuation expertise, I have seen a wide variety of confused, inaccurate and flawed reporting which can obviously have dire consequences for the accused in such cases.

Working with Legal Aid funding, which often takes some work to secure (but is usually approved), I travel the UK assisting defence solicitors and barristers to refute erroneous valuations which could otherwise lead to extended sentences. Items valued include cars, motorcycles, vans and trucks of all ages and conditions and at dates up to several years in the past.

Whle this is specialist casework involving lengthy research and often quite a bit of travel, it is essential to ensure that the justice system runs fairly for all. I am committed to playing a proactively positive role in society, and along with offering apprenticeships, mentorships and work experience, and talking in schools and universities, supporting defendants and the Courts with quality information and analysis is one of the best ways I have found to do it. If you are a defence solicitor, barrister, or a defendant facing potentially inflated Section 16 Statement values, contact me.

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