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Divorce Valuations – all vehicles

Single Joint Expert Reports

My expert witness reports assist UK courts by providing independent opinions on questions relating to vehicle valuations. My reports provide important evidence to help the court reach its decision. Solicitors often decide how to proceed with a case based on my expert opinion. I am known for my integrity and an innovative approach to valuation.

As a vetted member of the UK Register of Expert Witnesses, I am regularly instructed as a Single Joint Expert for divorce valuations in the Family Court, as an Expert Witness in County Court civil cases and in criminal cases for Crown Court.

All reports are highly detailed and meet the requirements of Criminal Procedure Rules Part 19, Family Procedure Rules (FPR) Part 25 or Civil Procedure Rules (CPR) Part 35 and the associated Practice Directions as appropriate. To protect my clients, I maintain Professional Indemnity Insurance and am registered with the Information Commissioner’s Office to ensure compliance with the highest standards of privacy and data protection. 

Mr John Glynn


Court Valuations – all vehicles

Expert Witness Reports – Civil and Criminal

As a car valuations specialist with almost forty years of motor trade history, I am frequently engaged to put my detailed experience across the breadth of the motor industry to work. This often includes challenging previous valuation evidence from less qualified sources or reviewing case files ahead of decisions on litigation or action in response to a claim.

My experience spans a huge range of cases, including supercars, classic tractors, cherished registration plates, motorhome and military vehicle valuations, write-off valuations for ombudsman use, commercial vehicles unfit for purpose, investigations into stolen racing cars, the financial effect of uncertain provenance, dimunition of value on accident-damaged sports cars and Proceeds of Crime valuations. Contact me for my full and updated CV.

My clients include solicitors and barristers across the UK, insurers, lenders and car dealer groups, with case values into the millions of pounds. I have also worked with Trading Standards officers, public prosecutors and legal aid solicitors, supporting criminal prosecution and defence cases, including challenging Section 16 Proceeds of Crime reports. The absence of experienced car and motorcycle valuation input into Proceeds of Crime reports is a significant issue in the UK’s Justice System so I am happy to support defence solicitors in these cases.

Expert Witness Reports conform to Criminal Procedure Rules Part 19, Family Procedure Rules (FPR) Part 25 or Civil Procedure Rules (CPR) Part 35. Reports include vehicle and salvage valuations, provenance and history research, market trends for the rarest vehicles, research into comparables, disputes over restoration work and repairs, mis-described sold vehicles, insolvency and vehicle identification. If there is a question around valuation, I am interested. I particularly enjoy complex or groundbreaking cases.

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Expert Witness testimony is vital to the courts. The duty of an expert witness is to help the court to achieve the overriding objective by giving opinion which is objective and unbiased, in relation to matters within their expertise.

Email me to discuss Single Joint Expert or Expert Witness instruction. I am happy to help enquiries by taking a quick call and can usually estimate my costs in advance. I travel all over the UK and Europe and often get involved at short notice. I am regularly called in when others have failed. I can often bring innovative approaches to questions of quantum.

Note that I also carry out classic and vintage car and motorcycle valuations and am a long-standing expert in the field of classic Porsche and modified car valuations.

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"Hi John, thanks as ever for your detailed report. The time invested is obvious and appreciated. I have filed the report with the court today and will be in touch for our next case."


Solicitor in Kent – Single Joint Expert in Divorce Case

"Dear John, thank you for your swift response and detailed report at short notice. Your assistance today ahead of court tomorrow is much appreciated by all."


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"Hi John, thank you for your assistance, I will certainly keep you in mind for any future work. We were very impressed by your report. I appreciate the work that has gone into it!"


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"Dear John, It’s been an absolute pleasure – I’ve never read such an interesting expert’s report! I just wish I could have shared it with my nine-year-old son who is a total petrolhead!"


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