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My motor trade experience stretches back more than thirty years, including ten years (2001-2010) spent as Valuations Editor with UK used car trade price bible, Glass’s Guide, where I was the Editor of the famous Glass’s Guide to Older Cars & Modern Classics. I was also the Consumer Valuations Editor with Glass’s and created the original ‘We Buy Any Car’ valuation algorithms, which were later adopted by many car manufacturers.

Established as an independent valuations consultant since 2010, I’m the guy that insurers and car dealers come to when they end up in tricky situations needing some lateral thinking. I also help solicitors who need valuations for divorce proceedings, civil dispute cases or other purposes. It is hard to predict the next case and that is one of the most enjoyable things about what I do.

Alongside working for the legal community and the courts, my valuation practice encompasses private insurance and probate consultations across a network of specialist car and motorcycle websites. A lifelong fascination with cars and motorcycles has never dimmed and I remain a car enthusiast and collector. My personal collection hovers around eight to ten classic cars and a similar number of motorcycles.

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